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Fleece To Shawl

Fleece to Shawl registration is closed for 2018.

It’s simple, put your team together and register. It’s Free! We’ve changed things up a bit with no limitation on the type of animal fiber you use. Stretch your imagination! Using Trout Lake time, you will have a whole 4 hours from the starting time to complete your beautiful handmade shawl. Check out our rules, scoring, PRIZES, and how to enter.

What do you say, let’s have some fiber fun!


Come join us on June 9, 2018 in Trout Lake, Washington for a day of fiber fun at Meadowrock.

Bring all your fiber friends!

Contest summary

Up to six team members including one weaver will compete to spin washed animal fiber and weave it into a shawl all within FOUR hours.


After washing and final judging, the completed shawls will be displayed at the Trout Lake Grange for the Festival’s fundraising raffle.  Tickets will be on sale throughout the Festival, a photo of your design and your team sign is requested to help with sells.

The winning team receives 80% of their raffle sells!  Everyone is a winner.

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There is no limit on the number of competing teams.  Each team will consist of up to 5 spinners and 1 weaver.  There is no minimum number, teams with fewer members will simply need to be more efficient.

Warp – 100% animal fiber

Each team will provide its own warped loom.  The sett should be no less than 8 epi (1600 to 2000 yds/lb.).  Natural colored or hand-dyed warp may be used, but, in the spirit of our ancestors, no commercially dyed fiber will be allowed.

Weft – 100% animal fiber

One hand carder per team, combs and non-electric carders are allowed.  The weft yarn may be no thicker than 3 times the diameter of the warp end, singles or plied.  Fiber may be cleaned and ready to card, no other processing will be allowed.

Shawl Design

Any weaving pattern may be used; however, the shawl must measure a minimum width of 20 inches sleyed in the reed.  The judges will check this width during the contest.  The woven length must be 70” min/76” max.  Shawl must be a minimum of 1,400 square inches not counting the fringe.  There is to be a fringe of 5” min/7” max.  The shawl will be measured after removal from the loom, before washing and judging for aesthetic appeal.  All edges must be finished by the end of the timed period.  Removing knots to re-tie or alter the finish after measuring will not be allowed.


Each team will be responsible for bringing all their own tools and equipment including but not limited to:  fleece for weft, carding tools as described above, chairs, spinning wheels (e-spinners will not be allowed), warped loom & bench, weaving tools, washtub, towels, snacks, drinking water, etc.  You will be provided sufficient space to set up, a restroom is available, and water to wash shawl AFTER its measured by the judge(s).  No electricity will be allowed within the teams work area.


Each team will be timed from the beginning of carding until the shawl is off the loom with fringes finished.  There will be no pauses after the start time.  The contest is limited to 4 hours.  A team that fails to have its shawl ready for measurement within that time will not participate in the prize(s), although it may have the judges’ evaluation of its work after the other shawls have been judged.


After washing and final judging, all the shawls will be included in the fundraising raffle.  Each team will receive the proceeds from their shawl less a 20% donation to the Trout Lake Fiber Arts Festival.


We love dogs but they are not welcome at Meadowrock except for needed service dogs.


Fill out and submit the application form on this website.

Mail-in applications must include all the information listed on the registration page of this website.:

MAIL TO:  Meadowrock, Barbara Hansen, 80 Mt. Adams Road, Trout Lake, WA  98650



This scoring point system will be used:



  • Costume, 5 points
  • Fun/Creative Team name, 5 points
  • Sign, 5 points
  • Spirit in a contest situation, 5 points


Spinners, 15 points

  • Fleece selection, color, cleanliness, and count
  • Uniformity of preparation, size, and type of yarn
  • Ability to keep weaver supplied

Weaver, 15 points

  • Even edges, minimal draw-in
  • Even beating
  • No threading or treadling errors

Finished Shawl

  • Finishing details, 15 points
  • Aesthetic appeal, including drape, hand, and appearance, 25 points


  • First to finish, 10 points
  • Second to finish, 9 points, etc.

Deductions for measurements outside of standards

  • Length minus 5 points
  • Width  minus 5 points
  • Fringe minus 5 points