Meet Meadowrock's Thunder

Alpaca Registry #35200413
Born July 23, 2014

One-day-old Thunder is a strong male alpaca. His mom, Thulisa, is checking his scent to make sure it’s her cria that’s under her. To the right is a young female cria that, if given the opportunity, would sneak right under Thulisa even though her own mom has plenty of milk.

Still one day old, the herd is saying hello. That is Gabbro giving him the close once-over. It’s quite overwhelming to have everyone come up, surround you, and start sniffing. Most cria simply cush or try to run away. But Thunder puts his ears back in defiance, plants his feet, and stands strong against the barrage of curious herd mates. He is quite independent.

On the left, Thunder is nine and a half months old now and is looking awesomely handsome. He was cria sheared on September 11 and now has almost eight months of fiber growth; the staple length is plenty long with a lovely handle and will make a yummy dark brown yarn.

There’s not much left to him once his fleece is removed! And he is not very happy about it. Yes, this is the same Thunder you see on the left, only now he is eleven days older and nearly naked.

It is April 29, 2017, next week we will shear. Thunder is smiling and showing off his good amount of fiber he grew for us this year. Or is that a smirk?

Thunder is the son of Aston Martin and full brother to our Ruby. Even though he’s a really nice boy out of champions, I decided to geld him for two reasons. First, we have his dad we can use as our herdsire. Second, this decision is usually made around the age of two when hormones are kicking in. Hormones affect fiber statistics negatively. Removing their production from the equation yields finer fiber for a longer period of time. Did I tell you I love the yarn his beautiful brown color makes?

My friend Danielle Munzing stopped in for a visit when Thunder was just two weeks old. She is a biologist and photographer extraordinaire. Here she captures him curiously inspecting my hand. Isn’t he cute! Although he looks quite black, you can see the underlying brown which is his true color.