Meet Meadowrock’s Opal

Alpaca Registry #31667616
Born April 20, 2011

Opal is our first cria (baby) sired by Aston Martin, we think she’s special and she does too.  At three weeks she was walking upright like a human; rubbing her between her front legs brought on this response.  As she grew, we decided this could be a big problem when she became an adult and stopped encouraging this behavior.

Opal takes after her dad with her full head of hair that needs constant trimming to make sure she doesn’t go fleece-blind.  Here you can see her with her cute yearling cut, ready to go to the alpaca show.  Winding down on shows, I only took her to Pacific Northwest Alpaca Showcase halter show where she was the top of her class winning the blue ribbon, YEY!  And my most prized ribbon, sixth place in the Bred and Owned Yearling class where she competed against a class of all WHITE alpacas; getting this green ribbon was amazing.  Then her fleece went on a fleece circuit:  Wisconsin Spring Bling (Sharon Loner, 3rd), Minnesota Alpaca Expo (Kristen Buhrmann, 2nd), back to Wisconsin The Great Midwest Alpaca Festival (Amanda VandenBosch, 1st), and, lastly, back to Minnesota to the Upper Midwest Alpacas Fleece Show (Wade Geese, 1st).  I found it much easier sending the fleece than taking the alpaca, less expensive too!

Losing her first cria due to a shearer’s assistant’s mistreatment during shearing, Opal was held open and didn’t have Topaz until she was four.  You can see how heavy she is with fleece and cria in this photo taken one day before giving birth.  Her tail, which you can’t see, is wrapped in anticipation of the big day.  The very next day Topaz was born, May 9, 2015, and then two days later we sheared.  That was close timing!

Later in the year, September, you can see Opal’s looking trim and her almost five-month-old Topaz is strong and healthy. This is about the age when cria are naturally weaned by their mom’s.  Since we stopped breeding, Topaz ate from the lunch bar until she was almost two, fully grown!  You will usually find the two of them hanging out together whether it be in the barn or in the pastures.  They are best friends now, but it didn’t start that way on the day Topaz was born.  Read more