Meet Meadowrock's Mysty

Alpaca Registry #32302929
Born August 14, 2015

Our third and last 2015 cria is a girl!! In fact, all three 2015 cria are girls and we are delighted. Having all the same sex simplifies herd management and that they are all females is a bonus.

Mysty is named after the gemstone Amethyst. And, like her half-sister Gypsy, spells her name with “y”s. Oh, did I tell you, Gypsy is named after the gemstone Gypsum? Anyway, Squire Creek’s Alejandro is Mysty and Gypsy’s awesome dad.

Even though August is one of our warmer months here in Trout Lake, the mornings are cool. Mysty’s response is to “cush.” Here she is only 45 minutes old, all curled up. It doesn’t take long for the day to warm and 20 minutes later she gets hungry enough to find the breakfast bar open!

On the right, six weeks old, she is now “cria sheared” and is enjoying some of the last sunny days of fall romping around the pastures, I don’t know how I caught her standing still!

Mysty’s mom, Ruby, was bred to Alejandro one day after Amber was bred to him. Yet Mysty was born a long 30 days after Gypsy. This delayed birth postponed cria shearing Mysty and Gypsy until September 10. Mysty was only 26 days old but we needed to get this done ASAP to give her time to grow more fleece before winter. This was the plan but Mother Nature did not cooperate, more on that later. Because she was so young we left extra fiber on her rear haunches for Ruby to have a better chance of identifying her. You can see this extra fiber in the picture where she is sporting her green coat. You can also easily see how much fiber was removed during cria shearing.  Isn’t she cute!

All of a sudden winter cold hit hard and early. Mysty wasn’t ready; she struggled. At four months of age, she has outgrown her new coat. I still make her wear it to help keep her body core warm. I had opened the seams, inserted some thickly felted alpaca, and sewed it back up again. She is quite cozy, now, but she was not this way a month early and we had quite a challenge on our hands. You can read all about it in our Farmlife Newsletter dated 01/01/2016 with a follow-up in 02/01/2016 by clicking on the linked date.

On the right, at seventeen months, she is a full-grown, full-fleeced, lovely young female alpaca. Here she is practicing being led and is doing a fine job of standing for the camera. With nine months of fiber growth and three more months before shearing, we expect a luxurious blanket of fiber. Her best!

Mysty, the center of the photo and now 20 months of age, is running right at me! The herd was sheared fifteen days ago and they are feeling frisky. With Gypsy on her left and Amber on her right, the three pronk around the small pasture off their paddock while the others enjoy the fresh spring greens. Aston doesn’t run with the main herd or there would be eight pregnant females, yikes! In the background from left to right are Colt, Thunder, Opal, Thulisa, Ruby, Topaz, and Gabbro.