Meet Meadowrock's Gypsy

Alpaca Registry #32302899
Born July 15, 2015

On the left, you can see rounded protrusions on both sides of Amber’s body as her yet-unborn cria twists and turns getting into the birthing position. I saw the lumps and bumps that were probably elbows, knees, head, etc. moving into place. A few hours later Amber still looked very pregnant but without these bulges. This is Amber’s second pregnancy, Gabbro being her first.

Nine days later our second 2015 female cria, Gypsy, is born. Here she’s peaking at me after yet another attempt to nurse. She overshoots the mark a bit but, according to my records, it only took her another ten minutes to latch on. Notice the big indentation in Amber’s side where Gypsy had been only a half hour earlier.

A week later, in the golden glow of the summer morning sun, Gypsy and Amber show off their similar fawn coloring. Like all cria (alpaca babies) Gypsy is covered in silky soft hair that has Velcro-like ends which collect all kinds of debris and are on the tender side. With the pastures lush and green this time of year, she still looks quite clean. Within the next month or two she will be cria-sheared so when we harvest her crop of fiber next year it will be suitable for yarn.

On the right, a year later, she has been recently shorn. Gypsy is now almost as tall as her Mom and is still very attached and comfort nurses; nutritionally, she no longer needs the nourishing milk Amber provides. But, as you can see, Amber doesn’t seem to mind and continues to graze. Generally, the cria is weaned at around six months since their moms are usually pregnant again and can’t nutritionally support all three of them.

Gypsy says hello!

She learned the Meadowrock Howdy from her mom, Amber.

I think it’s cute.