Meet ATRS Aston Martin

Alpaca Registry #31324496
April 27, 2008

Aston, known on the farm as Ozzie, is the foundation of our alpaca herd. Purchased at the end of 2009 as a yearling, he quickly became a favorite with his handsome good looks and gentle spirit. He is known as our tall, dark, and handsome alpaca. I fell in love with him at my first alpaca show, NW Alpaca Showcase. Aston was in a corner pen across the alley from mine and looked very much like the above photo on the left. I had taken my firstborn, Beacon, after spending many hours training him. He performed like a perfect gentleman but his fleece was not worthy of the show ring and we walked the path of shame right out the gate. It was a very humbling experience. This was in the Spring of 2009 and by the end of the year, we had purchased this handsome young alpaca named Aston Martin. We’re still delighted to see him honor our alpaca farm with his presence.

The week before bringing Aston home, both my parents passed just five days apart from each other at 89, mom, and 91, dad. It was a difficult time but I had already signed Aston up for the entire northwest show circuit starting with the Alpaca Western Extravaganza (AWE) where I took possession of him and led him into the show ring, our first show together. He had a funny way of extending his neck and bobbing his head along that did nothing to impress the judge, he won 4th place. Our next show was only two weeks away and I had a lot of work to do. We began practicing walking with his head held up. By the time he entered the ring at Northwest Alpaca Showcase (2010), he was carrying himself like a stud. He won 1st place in his class and Reserve Color Champion (photo on left)! Wow! This was just the beginning. In his next four shows, he also won 1st place but moved up one notch to Color Champion!!! CABA Classic (2010), AlpacaMania (2010), Alpaca Affaire (2010), Northwest Alpaca Showcase (2011).

During this time Aston had started his breeding career, siring his first cria, Opal, the day before winning his Color Championship at CABA Classic. He sired 34 cria in the next few years including 2 Color Champions, that I know of. When the store, Alpaca Annex, was opened October 1, 2011, we quit promoting him as a stud. He is still more than ready and willing, we aren’t.

We traveled to Denver, Colorado to the 2011 Alpaca Owner and Breeders Association National Show, the only national alpaca show.  As you can see, Aston won 1st place in his color class.  His conformation is correct with dense, fine fiber!

May 8, 2017, we harvested the year-long production of luxurious fiber from our alpacas. Aston is always the first to be sheared. Here you can see him in full-fleece and long toenails on the left. Center, he’s warming himself in the spring sun. You can imagine the physiological adjustment an alpaca must go through from full-fleece to nearly naked in a half hour. He’s back to his very handsome self after being groomed, even a pedicure. Notice his true color, black, is much more apparent. You must always look within the fiber to determine an alpaca’s true color.

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