Meet Amber of Meadowrock

Alpaca Registry #31667579
Born August 29, 2010

In August 2009 we purchased Tea’, Amber’s mom, who was an open female of breeding age. The very next month she was bred to the well-known herdsire “Rainman” and 339 days later Amber was born. It was a cooler summer day with a 71-degree high and a 47-degree low. As the day warmed we saw definite signs of labor. Interested? You can see Amber’s birth and her first day in pictorial format by choosing Cria Birth from the About Us drop-down menu above or by clicking hereWARNING:  There is no introduction or a lot of explanations, it is graphic.  Each photo is time-stamped with a few helpful hints along the way.

Amber is five days old in the above photos. The cria (baby alpaca) must grow strong fast to survive. As you can see Amber is a strong healthy girl.

On the left, at eight months of age, Amber grew into this really cute big fluff ball covered with a royal-fine grade of fiber; it is too fine to process at the mill so I have it stashed away awaiting the day when it can be handspun. To the right, still a yearling, Amber loves getting right up in your face. She became show age just as we were getting ready to open the farm store, Alpaca Annex. This change of focus meant Amber didn’t get the opportunity to strut her stuff in the show ring. She was a stunning young alpaca with gorgeous fleece and it would have been fun to show her off.

The day before her second birthday Amber was bred to six-time Color Champion Patagonia’s El Trauco. Here she is nine months pregnant with Gabbro; as you can see she has become a fully-developed robust production dam. Amber is a great mom! She is attentive, has lots of milk, and you better not mess with her cria! In other words, she is very protective.