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After retiring from a 40-year accounting career in 2006, I, Barbara writing here, wanted to do something on our 18+ acres in Trout Lake, Washington which led to retiring my Washington CPA certificate in June of 2013.

I had a desire to do and learn something new and fun.  In 2007 our first alpaca was purchased.  The alpaca requires daily attention/care which kept me quite busy until Jim took over the barn chores/maintenance in 2011 when the store was opened.  We enjoy the fact that we have no need to pay athletic club dues.

Every day Meadowrock Ranch offers us challenges, old and new.  Be it feeding the alpacas or tweaking our website, like I’m doing right now, or harrowing a pasture.  It’s all part of living and maintaining our place which is something we continue to enjoy since neither of us has a desire to travel.  Instead, travelers come to visit Meadowrock from all around the world.  This is enough for us.

With Jim’s background as a third-generation water-well driller, he is well-suited to creatively maintain our farm, all our equipment up to snuff!  He came by his innovative genius honestly.  In his grandfather’s day, most wells were dug by hand.  But his cutting-edge grandfather drilled wells in the early 1900’s using horses to move the old rotary drilling equipment into place.  His Hansen family is responsible for many of the oldest water well logs in Washington state.

Every step of this adventure has been filled with anticipation, learning, some great successes, and a few failures.  Looking back, we’d do it again to live in this peaceful valley we call home.

IN CONCLUSION, we are two retired professionals who want to continue being active.  Alpacas have been chosen by us as a means to do just that in this mostly organic Trout Lake Valley.  This is a labor of love:  Barbara’s love for the alpaca, the fiber alpacas produce, and for their peaceful nature; Jim’s love for staying active, enjoying the out-of-doors, and, I think, there’s also a little alpaca love going on when I’m not looking.  The lifestyle surrounding “alpaca” couldn’t be better.

You are invited to come meet Barbara who is a daughter of a Washington pioneer family and her husband, Jim, who is a third-generation Washingtonian.  Our roots run deep here in the Pacific Northwest.  We want to share our heritage and our ranch with you.  Come visit!

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(509) 395-2266
80 Mt. Adams Rd.Trout Lake, WA 98650
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On these educational alpaca tours, we share information about our area, some about our farm, a little about us, and a lot about the alpacas. Have your questions and camera ready!

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