Our ranch offers an unobstructed view of Mt. Adams. You'll have the opportunity to get close to and learn about alpacas. Ranch store, Alpaca Annex, has something for everyone. We invite you to visit.

"An interesting fact shared in a recent release of 'Alpaca Culture': There are 12 alpacas per person in Peru versus 1 alpaca per 1,866 people in the United States!" In my opinion, the US needs to create a whole lot more alpacas ;-D


Late Fall

Meadowrock is named after this HUGE glacial erratic rock.  You can learn more about this rock in our FARMLIFE Newsletter #3 dated November 1, 2014. All issues can be found by choosing Newsletters from the menu.

* Take a scenic drive.

* View spectacular Mt. Adams.

* Meet the delightful ALPACA.

* Shop in our ranch store. You'll find the largest selection of quality alpaca products in our region.

* We love dogs! But they need to stay in your vehicle. We appreciate your understanding.



Mother Nature insulates our area with a thick blanket of snow.
It's quite a contrast to our summer. Jim loves it, no grass to mow!
But, he gets in his fair share of outdoor activities removing the snow from roads and paddocks.
On nice days like today, he blows out trails for the pacas to enjoy. Their greatest pleasure is eating the snow.


Fresh greens! Whooo Hooo!!!


Early summer brings fresh greens for the alpacas.  Every morning after the dew has dried the alpacas head out to pasture for the day.  See the "Meadowrock" in the background?


Alpaca Annex

Like to shop? Then ALPACA ANNEX is for you. Our ranch store has the largest selection of quality alpaca products in our region. We offer over 6,000 alpaca items to choose from!

Many items are handmade by our South American friends where the alpaca has called home for centuries. The Incans reserved the finest alpaca fiber for Royalty and revered the alpaca animal. Did you know the alpaca has more natural colors than any other mammal on earth?