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With over 6,000 items, our farm store has the largest selection of quality alpaca products in the region.

Our store at Meadowrock: Alpaca Annex

Fur Bears

Red Maple Socks

EXTREME Socks from Coop

PACA Socks

Colorful Scarves

Whimsical Scarves

Fur Hats

100% Alpaca Hats

Fleece-lined Hats, Matching Gloves, 100% Alpaca Gloves

Red Maple Headbands, Handmade 100% Alpaca Headbands

100% Alpaca Fingerless Gloves, Glittens, and Half-Finger Gloves

Alpaca Sweaters and Cardigans

Man Vests! Reversible shown.

Comfy Lady Vests! Fabric is 100% alpaca outside with blend inside.

Showcase with handmade 100% Alpaca Fingerless Gloves and Scarves.

Born in 1912, she loves silver and gold ;-)