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Welcome to Meadowrock Alpacas Farm & Annex

We wish everyone a very healthy and prosperous New Year and thank you for your support over the past eight years!



> Educational farm tours ~ meet the alpacas
> Grand view of Mt. Adams
> Largest selection of quality alpaca products in the region
> Pacific NW antique store fixtures & farm equipment

TOURS: $5 per person (10 years and older) ~ takes less than an hour which is plenty of time to introduce you to the alpaca; photographs are encouraged.

TOURS are scheduled at 11am and 2pm, CLOSED Monday and Tuesday. Exceptions to this schedule ARE made, call first. We accommodate large groups with advance notice.

This is a working alpaca ranch and their health is our #1 priority.
Birthing generally occurs in the AM and trumps the one-on-one attention given a normal tour.

This is a Bonus Tour. We will always try to accommodate scheduled tours, but it may be from a bit of a distance and will cost the same; we don't want to stress mom and cria (baby).

Box lunches are available - $12 per person.
Choice of bread, meat, and condiments/garnish.
Includes chips, cookie, and choice of a Pepsi product/bottled water.
Complete selection provided at time of booking.
Must have 24-hour notice. CONTACT US!


We're now on FACEBOOK!
Check us out, like us, and view the short video of our three 2015 girls on Mysty's birth day. (no boys this year!)



Ruby, although bred one day after one day after Amber, held onto her little girl almost a month longer. We are pleased to announce the birth of our final cria of 2015, Mysty (derived from amethyst). ALL CRIA ARE GIRLS THIS YEAR!!! Yey.


Amber gives birth to a gorgeous girl we named Gypsy. The name Gypsy is derived from gypsum, a very soft mineral that can form very pretty, and sometimes extemely large colored crystals. Gypsy is VERY SOFT & PRETTY!!!


Opal gives birth to a beautiful baby girl we named Topaz ~ adding to our family gems. Check out her photos under the "Cria" tab.

Shearing this year is Tuesday, 5/12/15.


With our mild winter passing, spring has sprung with the daffodils and hyacinth in full bloom. Anticipation is building with Opal's cria (baby), the first of our 2015 crop, due around April 23rd. With less than a month away we are closely watching Opal and can see her cria moving around, getting into that perfect position to join our world :-) Shearing is also coming up, mid-May. It's very fun to see their little bodies once all their lovely fiber has been removed. We'll be keeping you posted and share photos as the year progresses.


Although Emery and Tuff have gone to their permanent home now I've left them on the site for a while longer as they are so-o-o cute and I hate to see them go. That's Emery racing across the pasture and Tuff getting some love from her mom, Geneva.

We now have NINE alpacas living at Meadowrock. Three of our gems (Opal, Amber, and Ruby) are confirmed pregnant with 2015 cria (babies). Opal is expecting in April with Amber & Ruby following in late July. We're very excited to welcome three cria from outside breedings which will produce new blood in our small elite herd.

Winter is close and we're busy getting ready for our first snow; the mountain is already white!

We are open all winter, same hours, stop by and see us sometime.


THUNDER, is a true reflection of his championship bloodlines ~ check out his photos on cria page. He was born mid-day 7/23 and Thulisa did a fine job, her best.

EMERY, so straight, so strong! On 7/12/14 Sapphire gave Tuff a BOY to play with and she is delighted. Emery, the rock, is mostly corundum; we know the gem quality corundum as sapphire and ruby. Check him out on his cria page.

TUFF, first 2014 cria . . . IT'S A GIRL!!! Born 06/24/14. Tuff is a brown rock
formed of volcanic ash during a volcanic eruption. We have lots of tuff in our Trout Lake Valley, but you have to look for it. As you know, we name all are cria after rocks/gemstones. But "tuff" has another meaning, in the 'urban dictionary': Tuff means sharp, cool, wicked awesome, etc. It's a compliment to call someone or something tuff. You can see her by clicking on the 'crias' tab.


Meadowrock is nestled in the east Cascade foothills at the base of the largest (not tallest) mountain in the Pacific NW, Mt. Adams, in the farm-oriented Trout Lake Valley. This is a perfect location for raising our furry alpaca friends. Heat, snow, rain or cold they are very adaptable and enjoy all seasons.

The ADVENTURE begins at Meadowrock Alpacas, where ROCK solid foundation alpacas are created!

Visiting the ranch is a voyage off the beaten path and into the alpaca world and the beautiful Mt. Adams Country. Those that choose to venture away from the city lights are delighted they did. Here's what a recent visitor e-mailed after her visit:
"Hello Barbara - I wanted to thank you so much for the lovely tour of your farm and store, as well as your gracious hospitality when Lily and I stopped in for a visit last week. We had a wonderful time. Our knitting friend adored the material from your store, and is looking forward to a visit to your farm as soon as she can arrange it. I thought you might like a picture, this one was my favorite of many.
Thanks again for sharing your joy and your love of these sweet animals with us!
Best to you, Dana"
Thanks for the photo Dana!
PS Amber's the cute one, I'm the one on the right ;-)

BELOW, you can see tucked in the pine & pucker brush, and with pine growing out of it, our "MEADOWROCK".

ALPACA ANNEX, country retail store, OPEN Wed - Sun, 10a - 4p. We're CLOSED Monday and Tuesday to take care of life's necessities which interrupt all the FUN we're having here on the farm. Need to stop by outside our regular business hours? Email or call, WE'RE HAPPY TO ACCOMMODATE YOU!

We look forward to your next visit!

In the photo to the right, Amber seems to be saying:

"WE'RE ALL HERE HAV'N FUN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WHERE ARE YOU?"